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India's most awaited event for men is now soon to be experienced...
Bombay Times presents, BIG BOYS TOYS EXPO in association with Yes Group, an event first of its kind, that serves to the interest of men belonging to all age groups and every professiuon. The expo offers an exuberant renge of products like gadgets and gizmos, cars & bikes and products of aesthetic standards, from various colossal brands, to amuse every attendee at the event.

Bombay Times, with its largest media coverage and dominance over all major platforms, in association with Yes Group intends to set a benchmark with Expo. Giving a widespread exposure of exclusive products, it also encourages greater leverage in terms of sales. It's a perfect paradigm of counterculture and colossal brands all under one roof.



  • An event for men of all age groups and every interest
  • A humongous platform for both B2B and B2C audience
  • An Expo for manufacturers, distributors and service providers, operating in various industries.
  • Enables a brand to reach out to a larger audience at a bigger platform
  • Positive approach of audience towards different range of brands